Artist Statement
The first time I saw a cloisonné pendant at a craft show, I was enchanted by the brilliance and depth of the glass and the incredible range of vivid colors that made it seem like a multi-colored gemstone. Part of my fascination with cloisonné is the tension between the fluidity of the glass and the form and structure of the metal. There is an infinite color palette with enamel that is not available with pure metal work, and the light reflecting from the layers of glass over silver suggest subsurface pools of fire. 

In my pieces, I like to explore color and the balance of extremes. Whether the design is abstract or realistic imagery, I emphasize the contrast between light and dark, opaque and transparent enamels, and textured and smooth surfaces.  I enjoy the precision, structure, and complex detail of the wire work in cloisonné, yet appreciate the changeability of the delicately shaded enamels which are built up layer by layer. 

Each of my cloisonné pieces is a journey for me in translating an inspiration into a gently balanced, physical form.  I hope my pieces inspire curiosity and conversation, and that the customer will enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed making them.